Sometimes you get to work with a client that “gets it.” Jay Nelson, the owner of American Holster Company in Michigan, is one of those clients. We met after I found him on Facebook (his company was known as CCW-Holsters then) and ordered one of his amazing CCW holsters. It had an interesting design and the pictures he had available relayed his attention to the detail of his creations. A few conversations later, I ordered another. I received them and was astounded that such craftsmanship and quality was still available. His knowledge of the usability of his product was impressive and his customer service was top notch. He had all the makings of an American Dream Story…except that no one could find him.

It wasn’t for lack of trying.

Jay was actively involved in the Facebook Community and was aware of Search Engine Optimization. He just didn’t have the right tools or platforms, at his disposal. Jay and I had (and still have) conversations as to how to remedy this issue, and eventually came to the agreement that I would undertake the task of creating the tools that would allow Jay to take his company to the next level.

I recommended renaming the business to American Holster Company, created a new logo, built an interactive website and rebuilt his social efforts. Jay actively added content and allowed me the freedom to experiment with features, videos and apps that would enhance his users experience. In the end, a new brand, a renewed web presence and social integration of all the pieces culminated in an extremely successful launch.

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You can see the culmination of the effort at: