I have the good fortune of having great relationships with my clients. And “Cat,” the owner of Dirty Girl Soaps, is no exception. Cat is a savvy, creative whirlwind, a natural in social media and incredibly adept at learning (and wanting) EVERYTHING. Beadirtygirl.com showcases the best organic products that’ll ever caress your skin, and Cat’s unrelenting quest for perfection in understanding her clientele.

Beadirtygirl.com is a complete e-commerce solution that ties into PayPal, Twitter, and Facebook.

…Kevin O’Neill from Ocular Acumen for being  The Website Superman that he is, for his CSS, PHP, WordPress & Graphic work, and the super cool photoshop tutorial he made for me, and also for all of  his patience, support and good laughs.

– Kitty Carnes, Owner


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