A client of mine recently asked me how to exclude Featured Image from a gallery in WordPress. It sounds like a simple request…import images into a post, select the ones you want to put into the gallery or exclude the ones don’t. But in spite of the fact that WordPress is a fantastic platform for website projects of all shapes and sizes, this feature doesn’t exist without the help of a plugin or custom coding. (Hopefully we will see this in the next big update.) However, there is a plugin-less workaround that may work for most. It works like this:

  1. Create a post, title it and save it as a draft. (This post will never be published.)
  2. Upload any images that you DO NOT want included in a gallery into this post. You can also upload an image into the Media Gallery and attach it to this post.
  3. Finally, go to your “real” post and add the image as needed (either in the content or as a featured image) by selecting it from the Media Tab in the image screen.

And that’s it! The image will not be included in the gallery.