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While achieving the identified goal for a new, updatable and functional web presence the committee proved to be open minded to the Web 2.0 landscape and embraced the concepts of new site architecture, navigation and information dissemination.

The City of Archdale, NC should be used as a model of how well our Government can work. They had a goal, they had foresight, and they made informed decisions efficiently & professionally. They were willing to exceed the “status quo” and reach for something better. And together, we achieved it.

The identified goal was for a fresh, updatable and functional web presence. The Web Committee proved to be open minded to the Web 2.0 landscape and embraced new concepts of site architecture, navigation and information dissemination. They made solid decisions on the inclusion of social channels and the design process was painless and efficient. We decided to integrate a customized Google Calendar, searchable download repository and a slew of other widgets that would allow the end user to find the experience informational and resourceful.

The end result was a fresh look, easy content filtering, multi-channel information delivery and a site that that projects the City of Archdale, NC as the “Crossroad of Progress.”


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