Michelle Soyars, VP Creative Strategy, Vela Strategic Marketing and Public Relations

“Kevin is our ‘guru’ when it comes to all things internet. He keeps abreast of the rapidly changing web world, and is our ‘go to guy’ for counsel. Kevin is a contributor of the highest caliber. His technical expertise is unmatched, and his relentless commitment to all of our projects and our people makes him a tremendous asset for our company. On top of that, he’s just a great guy to work with.”

Kevin O'Neill
Web Consultant, WordPress Maven, SEO, Social Media, Front End Developer & Digital Designer
Professional experience includes strategic online campaign strategy and mapping. Website development, design and deployment. Native and web app interface design and web app development/deployment, social media integration and IT liaison.

Focus: WordPress website development & Web Apps.

Specialties: Website usability, web design, UI & UX design, Social media strategy, Search engine optimization.

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