Stardock Fences

FencesI am always looking for ways to increase productivity. Intuitive arrangement of the applications and tools I use regularly is paramount in this never ending search for expediency.  A new-to-me application I have recently installed has helped me to eek closer to my goal. The application is Fences by Stardock. It is based on a simple premise – one that Apple arguably perfected with the iPhone interface – organize icons in a finite area…but it allow for multiple catagories.

I have been using this app for over 2 weeks and am happy to say I am utterly impressed. There is no noticable processer usage and it simply does not fail, lock-up or inhibit my system in any way. An interesting point of note is that I actually am more comfortable in this interface beacause, I think, of my heavy iPhone usage. Fences by Stardock successfully optimizes and enhances the day-to-day operation of my Fujitsu Tablet PC.

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