bingLogo_lg_jpg-500x400I was recently unpublishing some obsolete pages from a client’s Modx based website. The nature of the exercise dictated that the pages be hidden from the search engines, well the big Three, at least. Normally, unpublishing and reindexing is all that is needed for this to happen, however it seems Bing has thrown a wrench into the works.

After unpublishing the pages, any results in Google or Yahoo!  took the user to the site’s “Oops!” page. Bing did not. A click on a link to an unpublished page in Bing‘s results took the user to the content of the unpublished page! Not the page itself – the navigation, snippets and chunks were not available – but the semi css’d content was there plain as day. Once I deleted the page Bing‘s link acted like the others, as it should have when the page was unpublished.

This may be an issue of an overly aggressive algorithm, but is seems that Microsoft may have over stepped it’s bounds.