2009-08-17_132006-150x150 Recently I have had a rash of clients scrambling to create an Employee Intranet. Being that this request usually stems from an “Oh yeah!” moment long after the website budget has been approved, I have been looking for a quick and inexpensive solution. I am glad to announce to all my small business clients, I have found it.

At this time, I am predominately utilizing WordPress as my platform of choice (I still love Modx, but the WordPress Plugin repository makes it too convenient not to use…it’s like the App Store of the CMS world), and this solution is for a WordPress-based website.


Go to Plugins and;

  1. Install and activate the Plugin “Exclude Pages” by Simon Wheatley

Go to Pages and;

  1. Create a page and add a “Title”
  2. Under Publish select “Edit” next to Visibility: Public
  3. Select “Password Protected”
  4. Click “OK”
  5. Type desired password into the Password field
  6. Copy the Permalink below the “Title”
  7. Locate the Exclude Pages Box and deselect “Include the page in user menus”
  8. Click “Publish”

Go to Links and;

  1. Add a new Link Category and name it Employee Area
  2. Add a new “Link”
  3. Enter the intranet page “Title” the Name field
  4. Enter the Permalink into the Web Address field
  5. Select the category Employee Area (deselect any others)
  6. Under Target, select “_none”
  7. Click “Add Link”

Go to Appearance, select Widgets and;

  1. Move the Links widget into the desired Sidebar
  2. Select Employee Area in the Links dropdown field
  3. Click “Save”

That’s it. You now have a password protected employee login area. A nice side bonus is once the password has been entered to access an “intranet” page, it is cached and the user does not need to enter it again until they close the browser or clear the cache.

I know this is not an ideal solution for enterprise intranets, and I am familiar with other ways and plugins to use to accomplish a “true” intranet in WordPress…but for a small business with 20 or less employees, it works well, is quick to implement and it’s cheap.